Sell & Save On MLS® by Paying A Flat Fee Real Estate Commission

These sellers listed their Woodbine Avenue townhouse in Toronto's Beaches area with Arthur Kozlowski, a discount commission Real Estate Broker & REALTOR® with One Percent Realty Ltd. in Toronto, sold for full asking price, and saved $36,1001 over a traditional commission, not including bonus HST savings.

They can now buy themselves a brand new luxury car.

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Here is what the sellers had to say:
"We used Arthur in the sale of our home in the summer of 2014. We were drawn to consider Arthur based on his professional website and his competitive commission structure. He immediately made it clear that he was a real estate professional who "got it". Our house was in a demand area in Toronto and was going to sell; it made sense for him to be paid well but not at the rate expected by other agents (i.e. 5% or maybe 4%). It was a breath of fresh air. From there Arthur distinguished himself in two ways that I would like to elaborate on briefly: 1) providing service that is indistinguishable from other high quality agents, and 2) getting more money in our pockets.

1) Arthur did no less work than most other agents that charge a full 5% commission. He held open houses, did viewings, helped with comparables and pricing, made suggestions and assisted with staging and preparing the house to show. He was professional, personable, responsive and knowledgeable.

2) Our house is very similar to a couple of houses that so ld on the same little stretch of our street within a few weeks of each other. The main difference is that ours was attached on both sides, whereas the others were semi-detached (hence ours was clearly a bit less desirable). Our house sold for somewhat less than the others, but not that much. In addition, given Arthur's commission we actually cleared more money than if our house had sold for 10k MORE than the others on our street (which clearly would not have happened). We saved ~$25k on our sale by using Arthur! It is without hesitation that we recommend you consider working with Arthur and putting more of the equity in your house in your pocket." - Allan & Cachelle

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